300 million + pounds of production per year 

Multiple large capacity FCMs

Multiple large capacity twin screw extruders

Banbury Mixer

Underwater pelletizers

Strand Pelletizers

Gravimetric and volume feeding systems

Rail and truck shipping capabilities

Worldwide logistical coverage

Melt-flow analyzers

N2 Tube Pyrolysis

Muffle Furnances

Gardner impact testers

Tinius Olsen Universal Testing machine

Izod impact testers

ATI Cahn moisture balance 

Sieve analysis

Cambridge optical microscopes

Blown film extruder lines

Compression molding

Injection molding


Differential Scanning Colorimeter

Thermogravimetric Analyzer

Q-Panel QUV Weatherometer


Color Match Software

Torque Rheometer

Research and Development


MDI has a long history of breakthrough research that has led to novel products with new applications. Our research and development team complements our business philosophy by providing quick turn around of sample and trial runs that allow new products to be developed in less time. MDI possesses a talented R&D team who are able to provide you with custom solutions for new applications from product conception to commercialization. As such, our R&D labs are equipped with continuous and twin screw mixers, which complement our production capability, and ensure a high ratio of commercialization. Our research labs are equipped with state of the art analytical tools such as FTIR, Spectrophotometer, Torque rheometer, Parallel plate rheology, TGA, and DSC.  Furthermore, our R&D department works closely with local universities and analytical labs for any complex evaluations that you may require.


MDI is committed to meeting each of our customers' unique set of requirements. MDI offers a wide range of R&D services, including toll and proprietary compounding, new product development, and custom engineering. MDI is able to offer agile and responsive new product and sample requests that allow customers to develop innovative compounds and concentrates to achieve their needs. 


Please contact us at with any upcoming projects you are seeking a partner for.


Manufacturing Capabilities

Laboratory Capabilities

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